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Trauma Buddy

Submitted by admin on Thu, 01/26/2023 - 07:11

1. Patient voice / Groaning / crying (Audio clues for urgency) spontaneous chest rise indicating breathing, RR Variability.
2. Head with hidden head injury.
3. Right pupil dilated & fixed.
4. Audible heart sounds, S1 S2, jaw thrust.
5. Breathe sound (ventilator Simulator).
6. Right side chest abrasion.
7. Multiple rib fractures on right side & on pressing # rib patient groan.
8. Tension pneumothorax scenario Needle decompression skill demo.
9. Right side (with distended no collapsible vein)
10. Stab injury left chest or bullet injury
11. Three pulsations a. Carotid b. Femoral c. DPA d. IO Access for No I/V peripheral vein available scenario in shock. 12. Urethral bleeding (hidden injury) no catheterisation scenario.
13. Fractural Left thigh with catastrophic bleed for CAT Tourniquette application.
14. B/L greater trochanter for pelvic binder.
15. Back injury (hidden injury) on log roll.
16. Monitor with Changeable vitals.
17. Different Trauma Scenarios / Stab Chest / Non – Trauma Scenario.
18. USG Simulator with preset Hemothorax / Pneumothorax / Cardiac tamponed.
19. X-Ray / USG Scan film.
20. Easy Assembling & Dissembling
21. ISO /NSIC Certified.

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