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Adult Airway Trainer

Submitted by admin on Thu, 01/26/2023 - 07:16

1. Adult upper torso with realistic oropharangeal and laryngeal (airway) anatomy with silicon lungs
2. Tracheal (oral and nasal) intubation
3. Pharyngeal (oral and nasal) intubation
4. Laryngeal Mask Airway or Combitube or any such Device
5. Fiber optic intubation (oral/nasal)
6. Sellick maneuver
7. Retrograde intubation
8. Esophageal intubation
9. Right mainstem intubation
10. Suctioning tehniques
11. The manikin mounted on a board.
12.Realistic head positioning. Neck flexion, extension and rotation, head lift and jaw lift maneuvers
13.Laryngospasm, vomiting, and with excessive laryngoscope pressure on teeth will produce and audio signal. 14.Proper tube placement with visual inspection of lung expansion during ventilation, and auscultation of breathing sounds.
15.Maintain an open airway by head tilt, chin lift, neck lift and jaw thrust
16.Bag Mask Ventilation.
17.clearing the obstructed airway by suctioning liquid foreign matter from, oral cavity, oro- or naso pharynx, oro- or naso trachea, via endotracheal tube. Gastric drainage.
18.A sturdy carrying case, directions for use, sanitation kit, lubrication spray and simulated stomach contents. 19.Mounted on a stand
20.ISO /NSIC Certified

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Infant Airway Trainer

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