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Chest Tube and Needle Decompression Trainer

Submitted by admin on Thu, 01/26/2023 - 07:23

1. Ventilator simulator
2. Aesthetically designed exact Anatomical land mark realistic bony and soft tissue landmarks
3. Sternal angle for counting ribs space (ICS)
4. Rib skeleton like human chest
5. Silicon skin
6. Replaceable pleura after puncture
7. Replaceable chest belt after use
8. Skin incision, muscle dissection, blood simulation after skin incision
9. Pleural puncture / give way feeling / POP sound
10. Lung in thoracic cavity for Inflation / Deflation during finger sweep
11. Bubbling in under water seal drainage after ICD insertion for correct placement
12. Electronically created tension pneumothorax on right side
13. 4 th ,5th ICS for ICD
14. Multiple puncture for decompression
15. Autoselable punctures
16. Whooshing sound as air escapes / Air bubble in 20ml saline syringe
17. Easy operation 1
8. ISO /NSIC Certified.

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